ShellieZhang_Incantations  ShellieZhang_Incantations  ShellieZhang_Incantations  ShellieZhang_Incantations   ShellieZhang_Incantations  ShellieZhang_Incantations  ShellieZhang_Incantations  ShellieZhang_Incantations  ShellieZhang_Incantations  ShellieZhang_Incantations

Incantations Series, 2016 – ongoing
Left to Right: I Clean Out…(Red), I Will Hold…(Dark Blue), I Will Hold…(Light Blue), Heir To…(Dark Green), Consciousness is…(Light blue)
Arches paper and Chiyogami paper on Momi Tojimbo paper
Arches paper and foil on Obonai Feather paper
Arches paper and Midare medal paper on Chiyogami paper
Arches paper and Obonai Feather paper on Chiyogami paper
Metallic paper and Obonai Feather paper on Marbled Momi paper
16 x 20”