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Made In China, 2013
Installation of twenty-five archival Inkjet prints
8.5 x 11” each
Installation dimensions variable

“Made in China is a collection of images of mostly mass-produced objects and chachkis from China as well as one self-portrait of the artist, to be identified as yet another product of her homeland. Made in China comes from Zhang’s own exploration of identity as a first generation Chinese Canadian woman, having to relearn certain aspects of her history, signage, and motifs found in the objects she has chosen to document. Factories, assembly lines and production regiments have become synonymous with the growing economy of China – A market in which products are continuously pumped out with the titular label, ‘Made in China’. As a new wave of first generation immigrants comes to age in our times outside of their cultural roots, what is their connection to being ‘Made in China’ as well? Where do they fit in this culturally hybrid world? Objects such as Chairman Mao’s little red book of communism clash with an unmarked pack of cigarettes, which are today only provided to employees of the government as a symbol of class and exclusivity. Within these objects Zhang searches and learns of her China.”

Fifteen selected works from Made in China are sold exclusively with the accessible art brand The Public House of Art in Amsterdam.