Offerings to Both Past and Future
By Lorraine Chuen
Blackflash Magazine Issue 36.3

Our Chemical Romance: MSG as a Love Story
By Lily Cho
Translation in Chinese by Henry Heng Lu
The New Gallery

Aesthetic of Surfaces
By Noa Bronstein
Museums of Mississauga

10 Artists Who Use Pleasure to Defy and Subvert
By Julie Hollenbach
Canadian Art Magazine

By Letticia Cosbert

3 Asian American artists talk labor: The emotional, the invisible, the inconsequential
By Juliana Feliciano Reyes
The Philadelphia Inquirer

Shellie Zhang Recovers Spectral Traces from a Diasporic Past
By Annie Wong
Canadian Art Magazine

Two Neon Forms on College Street are Reminders of Toronto’s Immigrant Past
By Murray Whyte
Toronto Star

Inspired by corner stores this art show confronts ‘convenient’ Asian stereotypes
By Leah Collins
CBC Arts

Parking Lot: Shellie Zhang
By Luther Konadu
Public Parking

How MSG Hysteria Became a Chinese Food Problem

In Pursuit of the Perfect Pose
By Leila Fatima
Gallery 44

Tough as Nails
By Genevieve Flavelle
YTB Gallery