With You At All Times, 2018
Gold plated zinc alloy
7/8 x 3″
Edition of 50
Sold Out

There are many examples of keychains that double as self-defence tools for women, ranging from sharp weapons to sprayable mace to whistles. While these accessories have the capacity to protect from physical threats, a more common function is the sense of reassurance and security they provide their holders by simply remaining in their pockets or bags.

Looking to a more subtle model of protection as departure point, With You At All Times aims to provide security during moments of shock, disbelief, and loneliness that stem from more insidious forces of violence — brief queries, comments, or actions sprinkled throughout day-to-day life that chip away at one’s self esteem, resilience, and overall outlook. When these micro forms of violence occur, who or what can we look to for comfort, security, strength, and support?

Incorporating the sentiments of safety and warmth that keys hold, With You At All Times acts as a reminder of our communities, friends, and families who protect us during these moments of instability, when our sense of comfort is unexpectedly challenged. As a gesture of care, this small utilitarian accessory is a reassurance of endurance, resilience, and ongoing support.

With You At All Times is a collaboration with Aisle Four Curatorial Collective and RAY~RAY Multiples.
Proceeds and donations from the multiple launch at Rotblott’s Discount Warehouse were donated to Sistering.